Gun Control…Not A Chance!

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Gun Rights, Politics, Tea Party
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Now that the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ issue has been kicked down the road a couple of months, you can bet Obama and his Liberal Cronies are gonna start pushing the ‘Gun Control’ propaganda to the limit.
He is gonna try to use the ‘Bully Pulpit’ to push this debate in the Progressive direction. The problem I’ve had, for years, with this ‘Gun Control’ debate is that most of the people doing the talking have a fundamental lack of understanding when it comes to the United States Constitution. Liberals are almost always wrong because of this. The Second Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with hunting and/or target practice (an error the liberals constantly make). It has nothing to do with Home or Personal Defense from criminals (an error conservatives tend to make). It is supposed to be an ever-present threat to a Tyranical Government, so that the Government remains within its Constitutional Limits.

You see, the Constitution of the United States does not “Grant” anyone the right to own a firearm. In fact, it was not written in order to grant rights of any kind to citizens. It was written in order to limit the powers of government. The fundamental belief of the Constitution is that all rights belong to the people. Zero rights or powers naturally belong to the government, and the government has NO authority to grant them.

So, if we start this ‘Gun Control’ debate, with everybody on the same, Constitutional page…then it’s over before it even gets started.

REMEMBER, The right to bear arms is as important in holding the government accountable as is the right to Free Speech and a Free Press. The Founding Fathers clearly believed this, and placed it second only to those things.

Armed citizens who have the capability of taking their GUNS and forming Local Armies (Militias) to force the government to stop its Constitutional violations. This is exactly what they did to the British government when it refused to listen.



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