Why You Should Own a Gun

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Conservatism, Gun Control, Gun Rights, History of the USA, Second Amendment
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Since the lunatic, in Connecticut, killed his mom, then went to the school, where she worked, and murdered 20 children and 4 more adults, I’ve been thinking a lot about all this Gun Control talk. There’s one issue I keep coming back too, and that is the REAL reason that people should own and use a gun.

I know what you’re thinking…there’s many good reasons to own a gun, and you’re right. But I believe there are 2 reasons that our Founding Fathers fought so hard for this Right, and they both deal with protecting our Liberty’s!

The 1st Reason is for us to KILL BAD GUYS that want to do harm to us and/or our family and friends.

The 2nd Reason is for us to KILL Tyrants and Dictators that want to take away our GOD Given Rights and Liberties.

Don’t get me wrong, I like to hunt, and target shoot as much as anybody. But guns are made to kill. They are ‘Killing Machines.’ And Bad Guys, that purposely want to do premeditated harm, whether it be Murder, Rape, or Maim to innocent folks need to be put down, like a rabid varmint!

NO, I’m not kidding. Not even a little bit. What I am is Sick and Tired of these ‘Druggies’ breaking into our homes, raping and murdering whole families, just to steal a couple of hundred bucks to buy their next Fix.

As for Reason #2, the guys working on the Constitution didn’t have to go back in time to remember what it was like to have a Tyrant ruling over them. And they made it very clear that if our govt. started wandering to far away from our Founding Documents, that it was our duty to remove that govt. and replace it with a new one…with whatever means necessary.

So all this talk about new Gun Control Laws, Confiscating our Lawfully owned guns, and all the other Liberal Idiocy that’s floating around can never happen if we all understand our 2nd Amendment Right, and we fight any rebuke and/or attempts to change or get rid of it. It’s up to us. It’s on our shoulders, and we MUST do our part!



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